About OWise
OWise-breast cancer was originally developed in the Netherlands and is currently only available in the UK and the Netherlands. Please visit www.owise.uk for access to the UK version of OWise.

When you receive the diagnosis of breast cancer your world is turned upside down. 

OWise-breast cancer can help you during and after the treatment by assembling all the information around your condition and wellbeing in one place. It gives you an overview and tips about a range of issues to discuss with your doctor and may help you with deciding on what's the best treatment for you.   


Dashboard: Gives you an overview of all your information

A useful overview that provides you a clear impression of where you are in your treatment plan, your appointments ahead and shows you graphs of how you have been feeling both physically and mentally over the past period.

This page gives you easy access to detailed information of your treatment, your diary and a list of questions, tailored to you, to ask your doctor.

The "How do I feel right now?" banner can be found througout the website and allows you to easily record how you feel. Doing this frequently gives you a good graphical view of how your symptoms develop and enable you to share this with your doctor or your nearest.



Treatment plan: Provides a clear       view of where you are with your treatments

With a few mouse clicks you can add the treatments you are or will be receiving. In the OWise treatment plan you immediatly obtain a clear overview of the progression of your treatments, in a monthly- or a yearly-view. In Treatment plan you also find a report with information on your type of breast cancer and information regarding the treatments you may be prescribed. This tailored report is dependent on the Profile details you have entered. When you adjust these your report is changed accordingly. The treatment information is carefully sourced from the most recent national guidelines for the treatment of breast cancer. With this information in hand you and your doctor can discuss the most appropriate treatment plan for you.



Diary: All your notes, recordings and appointments together

In the Diary section you can put anything concerning your condition and the treatment together. Look at your notes, photographs and appointments or listen to the voice recordings (e.g. from a doctor's appointment). You can look at this in a monthly or weekly calender view or everything well organised in a list. 

If you also use the OWise mobile app then you see all the entries you have made on your phone neatly back on the website (and vice versa). 



Trends: A clear view of your physical and mental wellbeing

When you frequently enter the "How do I feel right now" data you can generate your own graphs on the developments of your well-being and complaints. Currently, you can record 12 differrent trends, including:

- fatigue                         - pain                           - body temperature
- sleep                           - appetite                     - number of white blood cells
- nausea                        - lymph oedema            - number of red blood cells
- fitness                         - depression                 - number of  blood platelets

You can print-out the page with graphs to bring to your doctor or the nurse practitioner to discuss your complaints and well-being in more detail. Also, in your Inbox you will frequently find new messages to report back to you whether you have improved or become worse for the trends that you follow. This way you may get a better view of how you feel and how and what influences this. 


Question list: Organise and create       questions to ask your doctor

Here you can write down all the questions you have for your doctor(s) and also note the answers. The "First question list" has been compiled by OWise and provides you with suggestions that help you with the preparations for your doctors' appointments. This list of questions has been custom-made for you and is dependent on the Profile details you have entered. When you change your Profile details, your list of questions is immediately adjusted accordingly. 

Having all your questions and answers together can help you create a useful dossier with all the information important to you. By the way, if you want to focus on the conversation with your doctor rather than taking notes you may want to use the OWise mobile app to record the answers to your questions.


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